Home Staging



Vacant Homes

The living room, kitchen and bathrooms can be very impressionable. The Classic Light Staging can give that warm, welcoming feel. Granting your home a tailored touch that invites buyers to stay a while... and while they're at it, send in an offer!  



Tailored to add decor to vacant and occupied homes

Occupied Homes

Does the house need a bit of updating? With key decor and/or light furniture it'll make a world of difference! After a consultation, and approved evaluation, we will bring in stylish and trendy pieces to fit the style of the home. This includes decluttering & rearranging with occupied homes. Get ahead of the competition by having better photos which will bring buyers to the door! More showings equals a better chance for offers!.

*Schedule consultation for occupied homes.

$250 (homes under 2500sf) $350 (between 2500-4500sf) 

$450 (homes over 4500sf)


Free bid and no consultation needed for vacant homes.


Tailored to the clients home

Vacant Homes

Free bid for The Premier Full Stage. 
We ask that we can personally view the home prior to the bid because we tailor each home due to a wide array of differences.


Full home staging is the best option for almost every homeowner that has an empty property to be sold. This package can be customized to the client's preference as to which areas of the home they would like to stage. The price will vary depending on which rooms are staged, furniture selection, and amount of accessories.  81% of buyers say they can visualize living in the home if it has been professionally staged! Quotes for home staging are always free! Call or email to set-up a home preview


Homes under 2,500sf..............$250

Homes 2,500sf-4,500sf............$350

Homes over 4,500sf.................$450

($30-$75 Out of Area fee for homes located outside of Boise, Meridian, Eagle and Kuna)

$100-200 Follow-up visit appointment

Rest assure that we will help showcase the true potential of the home, and possibly 

net more money on the sale! During the walkthrough we discuss creative ways to 

stage the home with the homeowners personal furniture and decor, offer recommendations on furniture removal, decluttering, and organizing. If needed, we 

suggest painting, floor cleaning/replacement, or any home repairs. Realtor and Homeowner will receive a thorough report, within 48 hours, of all items discussed in the walk-through that serves as a great checklist to ensure the homeowner knows where to start, what to prioritize, and how to stay on track to get the home ready prior to photo session and listing date!



Homes under 2,500sf..............$200

Homes 2,500sf-4,500sf............$300

Homes over 4,500sf.................$400

Great for when you have to list a home quick and there's no time to schedule a Home Consultation appointment. Turnaround time for a Virtual Consultation is only 48 hours! Ensure that every listing of yours is in tip top shape for listing!